BUGS (Anodyne, pt. 1 in an infinite series)

Because it’s amusing, right?

1. A “rotating enemy” (think those weird glowy balls from Super Mario Brothers 3) rotating too fast. And being collidable. A trivial bug – just changing a few parameters.

CLICK to see it animated!


2. Randomly moving enemies not colliding with the tilemap. Surprisingly time consuming to fix because of my assumption that Flixel’s built in collide would set collidiing objects’ velocities to zero when they touch a “solid” part of the tilemap. That’s just stupid. Fixed via flipping the signs of the velocities when the enemies overlap solid parts of the tilemaps, and then giving a few buffer ticks to allow the enemy to move far enough away before it can touch the tilemap again. These enemies are being used to block the player’s movement in certain directions…and a bit more!



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