Some nice games #1

Here’s my attempt at spreading the word about games.

Bonfire (By MoaCube, Windows/Mac, Demo available, purchasable alpha)

Check it out here:

Bonfire is a game that boils down the strategy and leveling up from many a turn based RPG into a very tight loop – essentially, taking the drudgery of dungeon crawling away and keeping only the turn-based battles which must be carefully planned, lest you die – which you will  🙂 – but without the time commitment of having wandered some dungeon for a long time! This is a good thing.

You play through quests, which are rounds of battles, gain gold, which if you lose a quest (and you will), can be used to increase some stats on your characters. I have only played a few rounds so far, but this seems like a great game if you were a fan of strategizing in many turn-based RPGs.

Risk of Rain

Demo and kickstarter:

An action platformer with roguelike tendencies. Pick a character, and use its four skills to get through pre-designed levels with randomly placed treasures. Activate teleporter and defeat a boss to reach the next stage, level up and gain skills as you go along – but if you die, start over! (Though you can unlock items that will appear in future rounds).

It’s not finished, but looking to be pretty good once they do finish the game and add more areas. There’s a bit of strategy in initially surviving, but finding the right set of items still lets you brute force your way for a while until the difficulty level gets too high (oh yeah, the difficulty of enemies rise as you play further on…). That’s only a minor balance issue, though, and possibly only with the character I used. Or I just got really lucky. In any case, it is worth your time!

OH yeah, and Chris Christodoulou, who did the music for the Kyratzes’ The Sea Will Claim Everything, is doing the music! That is definitely a plus.

On a weird side note, I got very Maple Story vibes from the combat. That game and I go embarrassingly far back, so that appealed to me. It was like the good game-mechanic parts of maple story, though!


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