Anodyne iOS:

I’m releasing my iOS port of Anodyne on Thursday, for $2.99, at a discount of 40% from $4.99. After a few days it’ll go to $3.99, then after a few more, up to $4.99 till I put it on sale again. It’s a pretty minimal port, done so I could not think about the mobile ports and fully commit to Even the Ocean.

As a minimal port, there are no achievements with GameCenter, though there does exist an AIR extension for that. At this point, it would be a hassle to implement it and I don’t have access to my dev stuff for it, so it won’t happen. There is no controller support, though with iOS 7, it may be possible that a future version of Adobe AIR will support it, as AIR currently does for Android.

Obviously there aren’t any IAPs! That would be insane.

The game defaults to an integer scaled resolution, with letterboxing. The GUI controls’ scaling is chosen based on the default resolution, but you can move the GUI elements around if you want.

There’s no new content in the iOS version, as there wasn’t anything that made sense in adding at this point.

“What about the level editor?”

One day, maybe. That day is not today.

Overall I’m pretty happy. I could have gone the extra mile, looked for a controller extension like what I did for the Windows and Mac version, added achievements in with Game Center, implemented some wacky new touch controls, but I think it is better to just finish this quickly and do a pretty good job. Plus, this stuff I found incredibly stressful and unenjoyable – mobile games have a lot more focus on UI and UX….which isn’t bad or terrible, but it’s a hassle when you didn’t plan for it in advance.


It will be releasing in a special way in a few months. Patience!


4 Comments on “ANODYNE iOS”

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  2. Crumpets says:

    Please, please, please update your iOS port’s controls… They’re really dreadful, and marr an otherwise excellent game! Every review I’ve read has made this point… The visual purity of the Gameboy style D-pad isn’t worth having a character one can’t convince to walk in straight lines!
    Otherwise, great stuff!

    • seagaia says:

      I don’t really know how to make the controls any better with the Dpad, but I did make it so you can move by touching the screen now.

      • Crumpets says:

        Wow! Thank you very much for the quick response – and for the swift update to the game itself, which I’ve just tried!

        Since you really do seem to be taking feedback seriously, I’ll try and be more specific… I hope this helps!

        The issues with the controls fall into three categories, which the (very welcome!) update doesn’t quite address, yet…:

        1) The player character will often continue to move even after no controls are given: this is just a bug, not a design issue, but it persists in the latest build.

        2) The virtual pad itself is very small (on iPhone), and the distance between inputs is just too small for reliable thumb control. This is a design issue; other developers have increasingly moved either towards floating virtual joysticks with larger dead zones or to larger, more separate (even repositionable) directional input buttons. This issue is especially significant because of point three:

        3) I’ve not played very far into this game, but it’s not at all clear to me that 8 directions of movement are really needed by a game like this. Would 4 not be sufficient? Most occasions where the controls lead to frustration/death occur when diagonal movement is accidentally triggered. This happens a great deal.

        I hope this helps to clarify the issues I and others are having with Anodyne, and offers some constructive possibilities for fixing the game’s controls.

        Thanks again for being so professional and so nice as to respond to feedback so quickly and so meaningfully!

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